The art of the wash

1 Sep

the art of the wash

the morning ritual: your skin may look like it’s glowing! unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. the glow, in part, comes from oil and toxins that are released while you sleep…and if they interact with the sun, free radicals – what you don’t want – will pile up. the morning wash is therefore, in our books, pretty sacred.

the evening ritual: yes, it’s tough when you’re exhausted from work, a fun night out, or perhaps not totally sober to motivate to wash up before passing out. but! pores need to be clean and clear so that toxins can be released. so shake off that little voice saying, “starting tomorrow…i swear i will” and let’s respect our evening ritual.

and now…the washing method: it’s all about the UPWARD and OUTWARD. all over the korean net, women with (annoyingly) incredible complexion swear by never, ever rubbing the face up and down while washing as this will wear the skin tissue down and cause sagging. could be a bit of an adjustment, but in our opinion, it makes sense and is worth the switch.

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