How are serums, lotions and creams different?

12 Sep

how are serums, lotions and creams different?

to begin with, cosmetic companies can categorize products slightly differently as long as they’re not making any untrue claims. having said that, in general, lotions and creams are categorized as moisturizers.

so what are moisturizers?

creams are usually the heavier cousin of lotions, but both lotions and creams (i.e. moisturizers), if properly formulated will be hydrolyzed and is usually some combination of oil and water. the intent of the moisturizer is to penetrate the surface of the skin and capture moisture back into the dehydrated skin.

some moisturizers can have active ingredients that have functions other than purely hydrating your skin, but in general, (IMHO) moisturizers aren’t amazing at anything other than…you got it, moisturizing.

this is where serums come in…

serums are formulated especially to deliver certain active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin. the main purpose of a serum is to ensure that particular ingredient(s), whether it be vitamin c, retinol, or peptides, impacts your skin from the inside out.

we love serums because they don’t interfere with your moisturizer and you can customize to exactly what your skin needs at any given point in time. go, serums!

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