To paraben or not to paraben?

18 Sep

to paraben or not to paraben?

so much to discuss! this will need to be a 2-part entry. before thinking about whether to go 100% organic, let’s talk about parabens.

so what are they?

they’re basically preservatives that have been used for many decades in the beauty industry because they help prevent fungus and bacteria from growing in your products, which is especially likely to happen in warm, moist environments like your bathroom. also, most water-based products are more prone to getting bacteria versus very heavy creams.

why the paraben-free movement?

parabens are chemical compounds that mimic estrogen to a certain extent. more recently, there have been studies done that show some correlation between certain cancers, in particular, breast cancer with estrogen exposure including xenoestrogen exposure – basically, things that mimic estrogen, like these parabens. this simplifies the studies a lot, but in a nutshell this is at the crux of the entire anti-paraben movement.

what’s the official regulatory stance on this in the US?

the studies are not conclusive and there are other studies that show that the levels found in beauty products are not dangerous. therefore, the FDA and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (a US based panel of industry sponsored experts that evaluate the safety of cosmetic ingredients) deemed it safe to include parabens in beauty products at current levels.

what is our thought on all of this?

it all depends on what you’re comfortable with. annoying answer, we realize, but we are all about empowering YOU to be informed and make decisions that work for you.

if you want our personal opinion, we feel comfortable not necessarily going 100% paraben-free, but being aware of exactly which products have parabens in them and keeping track of paraben products in aggregate across our entire skincare and body care regimen. for us, if there’s a product we love that works wonders but has parabens, we’re ok with that. however, if our entire beauty regimen is chock-full of parabens, we’d probably look around for paraben-free options and only keep the paraben products that we love because of all the other benefits. that’s just us, though.

it’s all about being aware, folks! 

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