after the serious presidential debate, onto a different kind of debate! should one use bb creams? if so, which one of the 5,000 out there?

4 Oct


Before we dive into that question, let’s first define BB Cream:

BB Cream stands for “blemish balm,” “beauty balm,” “blemish base” and a few other things depending on which country you’re in or which brand you’re talking to.

At its core though, it’s essentially a tinted moisturizer with spf that does wonders in covering up pores, sunspots and other blemishes.

It was first developed in the 1960s in Germany, then reformulated in Korea a few years ago to be highly effective in creating a dewy, smooth appearance. The new and improved BB Cream was so effective that it virtually replaced foundation and now makes up 13% of beauty sales in Korea. In the past 12 months, western brands have started to develop BB Creams and it’s pretty much exploded all over the US as well.

What is this talk about BB Cream being an anti-aging cream, rejuvenating skin, locking in moisture, being a primer, and being the one-stop holy grail for all your skincare needs? Is it true?

Yes and no. Some BB Creams are actually formulated with incredible active ingredients that are wonderful for your skin – to hydrate and to prevent premature aging. Having said that, it’s not that easy to formulate something that will deliver all active ingredients into the deepest layers of your skin and keep the spf, for example, only on the outer layers.

Over here at Peach and Lily, we personally wouldn’t rely on BB Cream to deliver everything your skin needs. We do believe though that it is one of the most incredible beauty innovations in the past few years – a moment when skincare meets cosmetics! 

My moment of BB Cream truth was when I stepped off a 16-hour flight coming back from Korea and was greeted by a friend at the airport. I had slapped on some BB Cream and was commended for my “impossibly fresh” skin after that long flight. I looked hydrated and radiant, which pretty much never happens after these insanely long flights. 

So then how do you know which BB Cream is best for you?

Because we don’t believe BB Cream should replace your skincare regimen, for us BB Cream is all about how it looks and feels on you. Does the color look natural? Does your skin look dewy or does the cream absorb less easily into your skin? 

A good BB Cream will make you look pretty good. But that perfect BB Cream match will make you look impeccable and almost photoshopped (in a good way). You’ll know it because everyone will notice the difference. It’s worth trying a few different samples and finding the one that was made for you. Really.

One Response to “after the serious presidential debate, onto a different kind of debate! should one use bb creams? if so, which one of the 5,000 out there?”

  1. D @ October 25, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    I’m a big BB cream fan. Although at first it was so hard to find them in the UK 😦 and had to order online and waited for weeks! Now though, it’s much easier and definitely Korean BB creams (as I only use Korean brands) have worked wonders in terms of dewiness and making my skin look fresher, plus I certainly prefer the lightweight feel compare to a full coverage foundation. Have signed up already for Came across your details via my blogger friend Tianna. 🙂

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