Is your skin screaming for more hydration? Here’s how you can tell.

12 Oct


Inspired by a conversation we had this morning with a Peach and Lily friend about why some products don’t seem to hydrate the skin well – this answer will make it to another blog entry, we promise – we decided to write about how you can even tell in the first place if your skin is hydrated.

2 second rundown

Your skin’s hydro-lipid layer consists of water and lipids (think oils and fats) and when that lacks enough water, you are not sufficiently hydrated. There are many reasons that this happens, but for today, let’s keep it short and sweet and focus on how you can easily tell if you’re not hydrated.

Peach and Lily sponge test!

12 years ago, when I was attending a beauty school for aestheticians (yes, I was so obsessed with skincare that I went to a beauty school after real school just because), the teacher explained that the skin’s outer layer is like a sponge. When it’s hydrated, there will be a plump, smooth suppleness. On the other hand, like a dry sponge, insufficiently hydrated skin will feel brittle, shriveled and thin. When your face is hydrated – and this is super important to delay aging – you will see that your skin feels dewey (not oily), be ever so slightly plumper, and look a bit smoother. Your face will have a glow, not to be confused with an oily shine, and have a bit of fluff to it. When your skin is not hydrated, even if it’s not flaking, tight, or feeling rough, it won’t have that extra soaked-sponge feel and may feel ever so slightly sunken in. Once you are well hydrated, you’ll know exactly what to look for and everyday that isn’t there, your skin likely needs more moisture.

On that note, happy hydrating!


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