Exfoliate but do so wisely

23 Oct

Why exfoliate?

It’s good to get rid for dead skin cells. I mean, who wants DEAD SKIN CELLS on their face? Beyond that, they do clog pores and the skin starts to look rather dull.

Best of all, eliminating dead skin cells, kickstarts the skin renewal process. And oh, btw, removing dead skin cells will help your skin absorb serums (which we love) better.

Btw, exfoliating should happen 2-4 times a month. And should ALWAYS be followed through with a lot of hydrating and SPF if you’re going outside afterwards.

Ok, but there are so many out there, which is right for me?

Let’s simplify. There are 3 main types:

1. Scrubs: the ones that physically remove the dead skin cells – these range from large grainy particles to microexfoliants with almost pureed particles.

2. Chemicals: these contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs, they are found in fruits) and dissolve skin vs. physically scrubbing them off. They also get to the deeper layers of your skin whereas scrubs will work on the outer layer only.

3. Enzymes: no scrubbing necessary, these also dissolve the dead skin cells. Similar to chemical exfoliants but do not contain AHAs. Typically, they’ll have enzymes from pineapples or papayas.

So, which is right for me?

It depends on your skin type and which part of your skin you use it on. For example, if you have a very oily forehead and then very dry cheeks, it’s best to use a different exfoliator for each part. Annoying, we realize, but here’s why:

Scrubs – they’re good for oily skin because they’ll lift off the oil and dirt and other gooey junk that gets all mixed in there with the oil. Remember though, scrub GENTLY always, you never want the exfoliants to damage your skin and break down collagen, which is like gold for the skin. If you have dry skin, please stay away from scrubs, they will likely do more bad than good.

Chemicals – this is a decent option for dry skin. Dry skin has a tendency to sag faster and this will help firm it up in addition to exfoliating the skin.

Enzymes  – this is a terrific option for sensitive skin, no scrubbing, no AHAs. I have mild eczema so I go back and forth between enzyme scrubs and gentle chemical ones (the ones that you can use everyday even with very little AHAs in it, but I’ll only use it once a week)

Hopefully, this helps you navigate the colorful world of exfoliators! On that note, off for my now daily lunch routine – wheat croissant with honey (best find of the month!) and a cappuccino, of course.

Happy exfoliating!


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