The virtuous circle of happiness

24 Oct



There’s so much about the human body that we have yet to understand. We’ve always understood that smiling and laughing were good things. It feels good and we like it.

Well, apparently it’s also great for the skin. Happiness and skincare feed off each other!

It was recently discovered that the outer layer of our skin contains beta-endorphins. A recent study shows that when we rub/massage our skin, beta-endorphins are released which then sends signals to the brain that make us happier. At the same time, smiling triggers a release of endorphins, which is known to potentially increase natural production of collagen. Simply put, when we take care of our skin (which does require massaging it – lightly for the face, pls don’t damage your face by rubbing too hard), we get happier! And when we’re happier, our skin gets better!

Cheapest and easiest (and apparently, happiest) skincare tip ever. 

On that happy note, here’s to mirth and massages!


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