The buzz about olives

13 Dec

Roses are red, violets are blue, you love me and olive you! 🙂 I couldn’t help it, had to go there.


So lately everywhere I go, I see olive this, olive that, and so decided to try a bunch of olive-based products and saw why these products have been flying off shelves. I tried olive body lotions, olive serums and an olive face mask. It’s really hydrating and leaves the skin soft.

The skinny on the science

Olive oil is a natural lipid that has a similar chemical distribution to our own natural skin lubricant. All this means, olive oil is more easily absorbed by our skin without clogging pores. Olives are also chock-full of antioxidants, a bunch of them actually, including vitamin E. Vitamin E is good at fighting free radicals (nasties that make you age) but also help heal wounds/scars. Olive oil also has squalene which helps skin from drying out and helps with elasticity and a brighter skin tone (not whiter or lighter, or brighter… as in more of a glow). Finally, olives can also act as an anti-inflammatory which is helpful for those with skin that easily irritates in that turns-red-and-slightly-swells type way.

And here’s the face mask that I used and liked a lot. Any face mask with a focus on olives as the main ingredient will do.

olivemaskWith that, I’m off to start my day  (ie. slew of meetings). It’s rainy, windy and a bit miserable here today but am prepared to brave all that with my new boots. Hope it’s a bit nicer where you are!


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