Is tea tree oil good for everyone?

17 Dec

So what is tea tree oil anyway?

It’s an oil derived from the Melaleuca tree found in Australia. Very pretty. Found in nature. All good things…but there’s much more to it.

tea tree


Why the rage about it?

It’s pretty powerful in what it can do: it has anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, antiseptic and anti-viral properties all wrapped up in one power dynamo. In studies, it’s been shown that it can have the same effect in treating acne as other common harsher acne solutions like benzoyl peroxide. Basically, for anyone with acne-prone skin or blemishes-battles, this is a pretty incredible ingredient. It tackles the bacteria that often causes the acne/trouble in the first place so it’s recently gained a lot of popularity as a complexion-clearing ingredient.

It’s also able to fight (or treat symptoms for) unfortunate things like Athlete’s foot, nail infections, herpes, cankersores, etc. Not bad for a 100% natural ingredient.

Is it too good to be true?

Some good things are actually true like tea tree oil. However, some folks may be allergic to tea tree oil which may lead to dermatitis (think, small rashes that don’t linger for too, too long) or even severe reactions like blisters. Highly recommend testing the ingredient on a small patch of skin around the cheek/jawline before rubbing it all over the entire face. That said, because of its potency, this ingredient is usually formulated in products in an extremely diluted way so that most people should be able to use it just fine…which is why this ingredient is used very often across brands and various product lines.

The Peach and Lily take

Thumbs up! We love that it’s a natural ingredient yet very potent. It’s great to keep skin clean and therefore clear. Don’t forget, you’ll still need other anti-aging ingredients like collagen, retinol, vitamins C and E to name a few. Tea tree oil products are more for clean, clear complexion and shouldn’t replace anti-aging serums.

On a totally separate note, we are slowly getting year-end festivities ready! Such a heart-warming time of year.


Time to call it a night over here in Seoul. For those in the US, have a lovely day!


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