Deep dive: Be the Skin

18 Jan

We’ve also been getting a ton of questions about Be the Skin, so here’s another deep-dive entry to share a bit more about another one of our favorite, hand-selected brands.

Just in time! You’ll be able to shop this brand in the US (finally!) next week here: – make sure you sign up so that you can stay tuned for when the exclusive sale happens next week and get first dibs on the limited inventory.

The dream

An in-depth interview with Be the Skin’s CEO and team taught us a lot about timeless skincare traditions and we were impressed with the story behind the brand and their commitment to truly meeting an unmet need in beauty.

Where to begin?

Be the Skin’s sister company, Saengreen is a brand that is all about age-old herbal traditions of balancing the yin and yang through nature’s finest. The philosophy is to harness nature to bring our skin back to zen – a place of natural balance where skin can thrive. There is an entire science behind this that is supported with modern medicine and innovation and best of all thousands of years of experiential knowledge of how specific herbal ingredients will help balance the body. The science behind this is too powerful to ignore, so many Asian beauty brands have developed skincare lines that leverages this amazing knowledge.

Be the Skin’s founder saw that while there were herbal skincare lines, there weren’t many products that combined herbs and top-grade botanicals (phyto power is an awesome thing) and other power ingredients to create a botanical herb product that only uses natural ingredients (of course, excluding all nasties) to cater very specifically to individual skincare woes. Herbs and the select use of power ingredients is perfect for customizing skincare and beautifying the skin from the inside out. We love that the brand focuses on getting deep into the skin instead of surface-level quick fixes. After many years of research and dedication to creating a brand using the creme de la creme of nature to meet very specific needs, Be the Skin succeeded and is now thriving. What an inspiration and what an incredible brand.


lavender flowers


Now onto the products!

1) Botanical Nutrition Line

This toner, serum, emulsion, cream skincare line is a life saver for those with normal to dry skin. Alpine wormwood, witch hazel, olive oil, phyto power? Sign us up please. This is a great line that will help keep the skin hydrated from deep within while rejuvenating it with phyto power.

2) Botanical Nutrition Power Line

This is basically similar to the first line above except it’s for those with even dryer skin, like me. I have slight eczema which means my skin is fairly dry and then exceptionally dry in the winter months. This line kept me quite well hydrated all winter. Infused with all sorts of goodies like royal jelly, sea algae, tons of vitamin C, and of course botanical herbs, this line hydrates and keeps the skin firm and nutrient-rich. This was my winter bff this year that my skin soaked up.


Radiant, well-hydrated face from one of Be the Skin’s customer reviews.

3) Botanical Pore Line

No one likes pores, but they’re tricky to minimize especially without the use of not-great ingredients. Be the Skin has this one figured out. Mineral water, sea plants, and herbs all soothe the skin while hydrating it and firming up the pores to minimize them dramatically. 95%+ satisfaction rate for their cream. Hydrating and firming and pore-minimizing. Yes, please.

4) Purifying White Waterful Line

This line is one of their bestselling skincare lines for the results.


Believe this person used the Pore line and the White Waterful line (you can mix and match). Pores are definitely less visible but the most noticeable part is how lackluster skin brightened up and now has an inner glow. We checked out tons of reviews, pictures, tested this and the results speak for themselves. Demand fueled growth and this line sells like hotcakes.


A big part of why we picked this brand was for their philosophy of bringing extremely high quality natural ingredients and decades of beauty research to the consumer. Every consumer. This is one of the most inclusive founders and he didn’t want people to be unnecessarily priced out of these products. All that means that the products are affordable. Hooray. Most products will be under $40-50, even serums and creams. We love it.

Just a few more days and Be the Skin will be accessible in the US! Stay tuned by signing up here – we’ll send around an email to let you know when the curtains go up.


We are so glad that this inspiring founder decided to go on a quest to formulate these wonderful skincare lines using only the best of the best in nature coupled with best-in-class research. Big, big, big toast to Be the Skin.


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