Deep-dive: Sua Young

18 Jan

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Sua Young, so we’re dedicating an entire entry to talk about one of our favorite, hand-selected brands.

Just in time! You’ll be able to shop this brand in the US (finally!) next week here: – make sure you sign up so that you can stay tuned for when the exclusive sale happens next week and get first dibs on the limited inventory.

Let’s first talk about the incredible brand story and what’s behind Sua Young!

The story

Sua Young has a legacy of decades of beauty research. They are 100% committed to using natural ingredients and developing skincare products that are gentle yet powerful enough to show incredible results for everyone, even those with sensitive skin. No alcohol, parabens, talc, artificial fragrances, dyes, and other nasties. Formulations are amazing as leading researchers are committed to making extremely effective products that are at the same time gentle on the skin. Their formulations are based on bio-natural principles (think lots of greens, botanicals, aloe, mineral water, basically really high-grade ingredients). It’s only natural that this brand is loved by dermatologists, spas, models and industry mavens in-the-know.

Here are some pictures of Sua Young making a splash among models. Love their flawless look with Sua Young products.


Sua Young model Sua Young model2

The products!

We fell in love with this brand immediately. We pored over the ingredients list, smelled the products, tested it, read extensive reviews, asked around, and interviewed the CEO. Everything is top-top-top quality. Out of dozens upon dozens of brands in Korea, this one stood out.

Here are some of the products we fell in love with that we’re so thrilled to debut in the US:

1) Mineral-based BB Cream

This one will take your breath away. Finally, a mineral-based BB cream is out. Where to begin? First, there is no talc, zinc, parabens, etc. (think Bare Minerals but in BB Cream form) and so it’s extremely gentle for your face, even if you have sensitive skin. This wonder is filled with anti-aging ingredients, soothing aloe and formulated to give great coverage while hydrating. Proof is in the pudding for this one – when we have it on we get tons of compliments about our dewy faces but it doesn’t look like you have much on. What I love is that this covers up all my bags and uneven skin tone issues without any cake or flake. Also, I have dry skin and this keeps me hydrated throughout the day. I pretty much used this everyday since I first laid my hands on it and just ordered another 3 of them (yes, 3, I like  to stockpile on products juuuust in case :>) because I know I’ll be using this everyday all year round. Goodbye cake and flake and hello dewiness!

2) Botanical Cleansing Gel

Mmmm, this one is a goodie. It’s interesting because this one goes onto dry face and feels a bit foreign to me when I’m rubbing the gel onto my dry face. I’m more used to foaming cleansers. BUT THEN! Once I use lukewarm water to rinse this off, it is extremely refreshing with a slight tingling sensation. This really cleans your face well but in a gentle way and of course with all natural ingredients, Sua Young-style. THE BEST PART is after you pat your face dry. The face pretty much glows and feels extremely soft and supple. I pretty much stick to this facial cleanser as well. No wonder this one got all the lovin’ from spas. Highly, highly recommended.

3) Bio-whitening Complex Serum

Slightly long name for a product, we agree 😉 but who cares when this serum works wonders. Essentially, what it does is it brings radiance to lackluster skin by brightening up the skin tone. This isn’t about making your skin lighter or whiter, but it’s about making your skin brighter. Big difference. This brightener brings an inner glow to the face and evens out uneven tones. This one, also, uses all natural ingredients and has a special bio-formula used after apparently intense, intense research. I pretty much used up my entire bottle and loved every drop of it. My face became more radiant despite the winter cold. The best part is the soothing feeling when you put it on and the incredible smell. It’s definitely a spa-grade, pamper-me-silly type product.

4) Botanical Soothing Spray Toner

OK. This is a must-have. It’s a toner and a mist all-in-one. Genius. Not much to say about this one other than that it also uses only natural ingredients and simply gets the job done superbly. Balances your pH level to prep the skin for the rest of your skincare regimen, and also really hydrates you. I carry this one around with me and spray it during the day to keep myself hydrated. Love it.


This luxe brand is pretty affordable at most things under $40-50, some a bit less even. Great bang for your buck.

Crushed rose petals

For some reason, this part just gets me. So everything is naturally fragranced – nothing artificial. Fragranced with crushed flowers. So luxurious. Even the BB Cream is naturally fragranced with crushed rose petals.

All-around so simply fab. We are so excited to be bringing this line to the US. Next week the curtains go up! Stay tuned for the exclusive sale by signing up




















Big kudos to Sua Young for being a brand that can be loved by all! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


2 Responses to “Deep-dive: Sua Young”

  1. Donah D. Sweetjellybean January 18, 2013 at 7:49 pm #

    Oh I was about to ask you about this brand when I first read about the Mineral BB you posted here before, glad you’ve posted again solely for this brand. I definitely want to try this brand out! I love all natural stuff and my skin has benefited so much when I switched to organic/all natural products. Would you guys be selling samples to try out, especially for this brand? I know it sounds really luxurious and all and the rose petals have really piqued my interests heheh. Look forward to this brand’s launch on your site! 🙂

    • Peach & Lily January 19, 2013 at 4:18 am #

      Hi Donah! We’ll be selling the full-sized products next week (they’re relatively affordable which is great!) and then later in the year, we’re going to have “discovery kits” for some of the brands where you can buy a kit of samples of several different products from that brand to try before you buy! 🙂

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