We’re always hunting for beauty tips: here’s this week’s Top 5

18 Jan


1. Getting that nasty orange off your nails: You know what we’re talking about, right? That beautiful lacquer comes off (usually a dark color) and underneath your nails are left stained a strange orange-y tone. Good news: you don’t need to wait for it to grow out. You can use denture cleaner to lift stains easily! Slightly bad news: a bit inconvenient, I mean, who has denture cleaner just lying around? But if you really want to get rid of the stains, don’t fret, there is a solution.

2. False eyelashes – set them right: This may not be relevant for everyone, but for those of you who tried falsies, you know how hard it is to set them right, right? The liquidy glue doesn’t allow for the lashes to be placed on exactly the way you want them. Hold lashes to your lids, roughly in place for about 20-30 seconds. Once the glue becomes a bit more solid, position lashes exactly the way you want, then hold them tight for another 60 seconds and voila! You have perfectly set falsies.

3. Nude lips and how to get that perfect shade: Nude lips aren’t an everyday thing, but when your eyes are craving some dramatic attention, nude lips can make for a clean and stunning look that really bring out the eyes and the drama that you put on them (read: sexy and smoky, and there’s always a time and place for this in our books!). But alas, that perfect shade of nude is so elusive. Fear not, concealer comes to the rescue. Layer on a concealer or foundation close to your skin tone on the lip first, then apply that nude shade. You’ll get a delectable shade that blends in well with your skin tone. So gorgeous. Tip within a tip: if this causes your lips to feel a bit dryer than normal, layer on a clear gloss over all this nudeness and get that shiny nude look on the lips (also, so sexy).

4. Another kind of bubble bath: For those with dry skin, bubble baths can dry you out. Mix in some cold-pressed olive oil and you should be good to go! I’ve tried this (have dry skin) and it actually works.

5. Cheating a bit with the laundry: There’s nothing like rubbing the oil and dirt from your hair that got onto your pillowcase onto your face. Common culprit for breakouts. It’s recommended to change your pillowcase weekly but seriously who has time for that? I usually don’t bother in the winters because I’m so dry, but whenever I do feel like my pillowcase could be a bit fresher but it’s not quite laundry-time yet, I cheat. I take a clean shirt and either place it around the pillow (makeshift case) or just on top of it and problem solved.

What are your favorite beauty tips? Would love to hear from you! 


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