Asanas for the skin and the best after-yoga treat

1 Apr

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of discussions in the Peach and Lily office about how skincare truly is a lifestyle commitment. Basically, radiant skin is all about improving skin from within.

Effective skincare products have formulations that use healthy ingredients and effectively penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to improve from within. What’s also important is the food you eat that helps with improving skin from within, and the exercise you do that will help with circulation and detoxing to also help improve skin from within.

Today, we wanted to share 5 simple yoga poses that helps with the skin (really).

First, though, how does yoga help with skin?

1) Improved circulation, 2) Sweating out the toxins, 3) Detoxing the digestive tract which optimize nutrient absorption leading to better health and skin, and 4) lowering stress levels leading to better sleep, a stronger immune system and of course, better skin.

Moving onto our top 5 favorite, easy yoga poses for a healthier, more radiant you:

Don’t forget to warm up and ease into these poses

1) Tadasana “Mountain pose”: this natural, standing pose focuses you on deep, rhythmic breathing by drawing oxygen into, through and out of the body to release harmful toxins and fuel vital systems. Tadasana

2) Uttanasana: uttanasana Don’t worry about keeping the legs super straight or touching the ground. Over time, the flexibility will come. For now, just let the head hang, close your eyes and relax as you let your blood switch directions and clear things out through this. Blood will flow faster into the face, bringing oxygen and helpful nutrients to fight free radicals. Even a minute a day will help.

3) Bharadvaja’s Twist:

BharadvajasanaTwisting positions are supposed to great for digestive health, which is a big factor in eliminating toxins from the organs. The twisting in conjunction with deep cleansing breaths will help with toxin elimination.

4) Utkatasana: utkatasana

This is an “advanced” pose and which increases the heart rate and thereby enhancing circulation throughout the body and Challenging poses like Chair make the heart beat faster, increasing the circulation of blood flow throughout the body.


5) Viparita Karani: viparita karani

This inversion pose should be attempted at your own risk (and apparently, is not recommended for those on your period). This inversion pose will increase blood flow to the face and help with digestion.



Post-yoga, this roll-on massager has been incredibly popular to help soothe the mind and muscle.


This pretty much flies off shelves in yoga studios in Asia. We love this roll-on massager during the work day as well when things get a tad stressful. It’s a product passed around a lot in our office. Two-thumbs up from everyone here at Peach and Lily!

On that note, it’s time to wrap up this rather long work day and go unwind with some green tea and mindless dvds. 🙂


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